Faculty Club

Our team of three people were asked to redesign The Faculty Club site.We gave the client four styles to choose from. The goal was to attract new members as well as keeping established members. The contemporary style was chosen. The color palette was warm colors and all colors of food. Warm, vibrant, and inviting was the reaction we wanted. We chose a “Mondrian” style look with the squares and sleek black lines. The final had a Flash banner with various changing images of the events and food. The Daily Lunch Menu was live and upon choosing a date would reveal the menu for that day. I did the layout for all the designs. The contemporary design was a collaborative effort between three people. I made the Flash movie. The site changed again two years later.

Original Site
Final Site

Rhett S. Miller, photographer of fine art, surreal, haunting erotic images as well as illustrator and graphic designer
San Diego, California